Saturday, May 02, 2015

Fly Me To The Moon - Petites and various options.

The eyes shown in the previous post also come in Petite version, and various options. Here they are :

 Dark Large
 Dark Medium
 Dark Small

And the Petites:

April 2015 : Fly me to the Moon

Hello!! BananaBanshee is back! Since I couldn't afford a store, my friends of Free*Style kindly let me set up a vendor in the Shop Free Style store, where you can now find my latest creation, Fly Me To The Moon. These brand new eyes come in system and mesh, the mesh version offers 3 different iris sizes (shown below : medium), a dark sclera option, and Petite eyes. Each color offers all these options, for 10l$ only! 

They come in 20 different colors.